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Three Types Of Camping Blankets To Consider Before You Go Camping

Before you go camping, it's a good idea to take an inventory of your gear and think about what additional things you might want to have with you. For many people, having one or more blankets is a necessity when camping — particularly when doing so at a time of the year in which the nighttime temperatures are chilly. Even when you're in a sleeping bag, having a blanket that you can place over yourself will dramatically increase your comfort. Your local camping supply store carries all sorts of blankets that may interest you, including these three options.


Down blankets, which are commonly filled with feathers from ducks, are one of the most popular types of camping blankets. If you have a down-filled coat, you should know just how warm and cozy this material can be. Down blankets can often be thick, but you can also find products that are on the thinner side — making them more compact if you need to carry them on a hike. A lot of people find that because down is a natural material, it's highly breathable and won't cause them to sweat when they're sleeping in the same way as other materials.


You can also expect to see lots of synthetic camping blankets for sale. These blankets tend to be thinner than most down blankets, which can be appealing if you're trying to limit the volume of the gear that you take with you. People who don't favor using animal products will often gravitate toward synthetic blankets, but this material offers numerous other advantages. It tends to be light in weight, which is ideal if you don't enjoy having too much weight on you while you sleep, and is also very affordable.


Another camping blanket to think about buying is a reflective blanket. Sometimes also known as a space blanket, this is a thin blanket that has a shiny silver appearance. It's designed to reflect your body heat back to you, which will warm you up significantly. A lot of people use these blankets in emergency situations, but they're valuable to carry for times when the temperature dips more than you were expecting. Reflective blankets are extremely thin and are typically sold folded up. This allows you to carry this blanket in one of the small pockets of your camping pack with ease. Visit a camping store to check out its selection of these and other blankets. 

For more info, contact a local camping blanket manufacturer