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Three Ways To Use A Camping Privacy Shelter

The level of enjoyment that you have while camping often has a direct correlation with the amount of gear you take with you. Having different types of gear that you can use in various ways can help you to feel comfortable and improve the overall camping experience. When you shop for camping gear at a sporting goods store, there are more things to buy than just cooking supplies and accessories for your tent. Another good item is a privacy shelter, which is a tent-like structure that is typically designed to accommodate one person. Here are three ways to use a camping privacy shelter.


A lot of people enjoy taking their own portable showers with them when they camp. Doing so can be more appealing than showering at the campground, as some campgrounds' showers can seem neglected and not very pleasant to use. Portable showers are easy to set up, but a lot of people want to be able to shower in privacy. A common way to use a camping privacy shelter is as a one-person shower stall. You can easily set up this shelter and equip it with your portable shower, giving your family a private, convenient option for showering without leaving your campsite.


Similarly, some people prefer traveling with their own portable camping toilet. This can be necessary if you're doing backwoods camping where there are no toilet facilities, but some people simply prefer having their own toilet over using the campground's public toilets. If you're planning to travel with a portable toilet, having a privacy shelter to set up around the toilet will make sense. This will allow your family members to do their business in private whenever nature calls.

Changing Area

A privacy shelter can also be useful as a private changing area. While your family members can also change in your tent, this isn't always the best idea. For example, after a visit to the beach, you don't want kids with sand feet and wet bodies entering the tent. It's better if they use the privacy shelter to change out of their swimsuits and into their everyday clothing. This will help to keep sand and water out of the tent. You might even think about taking the privacy shelter to the campground beach with you for convenience, as this structure is quick and easy to set up.

Shop for a camping privacy shelter at a local sporting goods store.