Three Types Of Camping Blankets To Consider Before You Go Camping

Before you go camping, it's a good idea to take an inventory of your gear and think about what additional things you might want to have with you. For many people, having one or more blankets is a necessity when camping — particularly when doing so at a time of the year in which the nighttime temperatures are chilly. Even when you're in a sleeping bag, having a blanket that you can place over yourself will dramatically increase your comfort.

What To Get From The Sporting Goods Store For A Camping Trip

Are you planning a camping trip, and do you need supplies? Your best option is to visit a sporting goods store, as they'll likely have everything you need in one place. You must get everything you need because once you're in the wilderness, it might not be possible to get to a store to buy anything you forgot. Tents  A tent is perhaps the most important camping item you should buy from the sporting goods store.

Camping Accessories That Will Enhance Your Trip

If you're planning a camping trip this spring or summer, you already know that you'll need either a tent, a camper or an RV. However, there are a variety of camping accessories that can also make your outdoor adventure much smoother and more comfortable.  No matter what type of camping you're doing, such as primitive or luxury, making a list of items you'll need to take with you may save a headache later.